What to Eat

Find out about the Anytime Plate and how to eat the foods you love.
Courtney Williams
November 14, 2022
What to Eat

Eat this and all your problems will be solved.

If only it were that easy, eh?

Trouble is, knowing what to eat actually isn't your problem. You know what you should eat. The trouble is sticking with it when the bakery goods and packets of salty, crunchy crisps call out to you.
You're dreaming of them now aren't you?

The thing is, you're only human. And humans are hard-wired to desire those calorie-dense, sugar-laden foods because they ensure we have plenty of energy and when the winter rolls round and food is scarce or nobody's been able to catch a deer in 10 days then we have fat stores to rely on.

That's not really how things work anymore though is it? When was the last time you were hungry? Truly hungry. Haven't eaten a deer in 10 days hungry?

Nowadays, any time we fancy something or we get a tiny rumble in our stomachs, we can have a vast array of foods in our hands within 10 minutes so the problem becomes not what to eat, but how to eat.

How to eat to support a healthy, functional body.

Most of our nutrition clients start with the same base. That's not to say that the support we give them isn't personalised, it's just that most people are not doing these things overly well and we need to set a solid foundation.

Most of our clients begin by ensuring they're eating a plethora of fruits and vegetables in a variety of colours.
And then we come onto the 'Anytime Plate'

The Anytime Plate ensures that we get a healthy and balanced amount of macronutrients throughout the day to support blood sugar levels and reduce cravings later on.
See we don't tell them what to eat, we show them how to fill their plate.

The Anytime Plate looks like this

Anytime Plate

It's really simple!

Fill your plate with whatever foods you like to eat best, just trying to match the portions as closely as you can. (The fats could be used as oil that you cook your other foods in and don't have to be included separately)

Of course this can again be changed slightly for individual people as we learn more about their bodies and how they respond to the stimulus we give them, but it's a pretty good place to start!

Give the Anytime Plate a go this week and see how you cravings, fullness and mood feel and then let us know!

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