Starting a New Fitness Regime

Why starting a new fitness regime doesn't have to be scary.
Courtney Williams
November 14, 2022
Starting a New Fitness Regime

Daunting isn't it?

Starting something new?

The good news is, you don't have to jump into something huge and your style of fitness doesn't have to look like anyone else's.

There's tons of science trying to figure out which style of training is better than the other - is running the best exercise? What about lifting weights? What about a combination of the two like CrossFit?

The reality is, your body doesn't know the difference. It only responds to a stimulus. So if you're using your muscles and getting your heart rate up, your body doesn't know how that's happening, it only knows it needs to improve for next time.

This is great news for us!

This means that we can exercise in whichever way we enjoy best.
So if your style of fitness looks different to everyone else - that's ok! You could do something simple like walking, you could hit the gym a few times a week or get involved in some aerial arts, whatever floats your boat!

The other great news is that your body adapts to every stimulus you give it so you don't necessarily need to go full ham and attend the gym 5 times a week - 2-3 times is sufficient if you're just starting out.
We've seen great results from some of our 2-a-week members!

It doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach and you don't need to be conventional in your exercise choice - if you want to dance round your living room 3 times a week then have at it!
And if you want to take a stab at CrossFit then you know where we are ;)

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